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Publish Date : Sunday 26 February 2012 - 08:11
Iranian Defense Minister:
Any Israeli military attack against Iran will result in its demise
Any Israeli military attack against Iran will result in its demise
Tehran (Islam Times) – The Iranian Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics, Brigadier General Ahmad Wahidi, stressed that any Israeli military attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran will lead to its demise.
Brigadier-General Wahidi said that the allegations of the Zionist entity regarding attacking Iran are laughable since the fighters in Iran and Hezbollah are hopeful of purifying the world of this entity.

He added that the Zionist entity is standing on the brink of collapse, and on the other hand Iran is advancing and Hezbollah in Lebanon constitutes the front line of the resistance.

He described the deterrence forces in Hezbollah as a large force and considered that the Islamic awakening witnessed by the Middle East and North Africa as the fruit of Hezbollah’s resistance in the 33 day war as well as Gaza’s 22 day war.

He described Lebanon as the only Arab country that was able to restore his rights from the Zionist entity by force. He added that the current situation in the Islamic world is a historical turn that will decide the future of the Islamic Nation.
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