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Publish Date : Sunday 26 February 2012 - 08:19
Saudi Arabia withdraws from the Friends of Syria Conference
Saudi Arabia withdraws from the Friends of Syria Conference
Islam Times - The Saudi Arabian delegation participating in the Friends of Syria Conference withdrew from the conference under the pretext that it is futile.
The Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister said that pressuring the Syrian regime is not enough and the regime must leave either voluntarily or involuntarily.

The Foreign Minister wondered: What have we done for the Syrian people? Have we helped them win and supported them or will we confine ourselves to symbolic statements? Is it humane to provide aid and leave the Syrians at the will of the merciless killing machine?

He added: I have approved the final statement of the conference but I do not consider it to rise to the size of the tragedy and my country cannot participate in an action that does not immediately protect the Syrians.

The “Friends of Syria” Conference had been launched in Tunis on Friday, and it is expected that the Arab and Western Nations participating to demand the Syrian government to implement an immediate cease fire that would allow humanitarian aid to reach the most damaged regions.
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