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Publish Date : Sunday 26 February 2012 - 11:09
Figures reveal crime hot spots in UK
Figures reveal crime hot spots in UK
Islam Times - A new analysis of official crime statistics in Britain has revealed the neighbourhoods that suffer the most crime and anti-social behaviour.
The findings will allow the public to discover how many cases of robbery, vehicle crime and other offences take place in their area, British media reports said.

According to reports, Oxford Street in London's West End is revealed to be the shopping destination surrounded by the most crime.

During 2011, there were 656 vehicle crimes, 915 robberies and 2,597 violent crimes within three quarters of a mile of the Oxford Street branch of John Lewis.

There were also 5,039 or 14 a day reported instances of anti-social behaviour in the area.

High streets and shopping centres in Bristol, Brighton and Derby also featured in a top 10 of crime hot spots, according to the website ukcrimestats.com.

The Croydon postcode CR0 was found to have the highest number of crimes reported last year, with 5,000 more than any other postal area.

During 2011, 2,081 burglaries, 3,258 violent crimes and 8,316 instances of anti-social behaviour were reported in the CR0 postcode district.

Dan Lewis is the chief executive of the Economic Policy Centre, the Right-of-centre think-tank which carried out the analysis and created the website.

“On the one hand it is good that the government is now publishing such detailed crime statistics, but the official police website does not allow the public to put these figures in context”, he said.

Seven of the 10 schools with the highest number of crimes within three quarters of a mile of their gates were in London. Two were in Portsmouth and one in Bristol.

Almost 8,250 acts of anti-social behaviour, robbery, vehicle crime or violent crime were reported within three quarters of a mile of Charing Cross railway station in London last year, 1,700 more than Newcastle's central railway station, which had the second-highest crime rate.

There were also high numbers of crimes around stations in Birmingham, Blackpool and east London.

Official figures suggest that the Welsh village of Garndolbenmaen, on the edge of the Snowdonia national park, had one reported crime last year - a single case of anti-social behaviour.
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