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Publish Date : Tuesday 28 February 2012 - 07:12
Reporter : Mobashar Hassan
Islam Times Exclusive:
Quarter of England backs Scotland for split
Quarter of England backs Scotland for split
Islam Times - The one thing that the coalition government of The British Conservative Party and the British Liberal Democrat Party agree with The British Labour Party with is the importance of keeping Scotland apart of the United Kingdom and away from independence...
Islam Times: Sadly for the British governments and the leading British parties a new survey reveals how over a quarter of people in England support Scotland becoming independent.

The latest NatCen Social Research British Social Attitudes Survey found 26% of English residents favoured ending the union between the two countries.

The survey suggested there were some signs of increased frustration about Scotland's position in the union, with 31% of people in England saying they "strongly agreed" that Scottish MPs should not be able to vote on English laws - up from just 18% 10 years ago.
Meanwhile more than half of people - 56% - believe England should continue to be governed by the UK Parliament, rather than by an English parliament or regional assemblies.

Report author Rachel Ormston, a research director at NatCen Social Research, said: "Although public opinion in England has been affected by debates about devolution in the UK, this does not appear so far to have translated into either a majority demand for a change to the way England is governed or to a widespread call for Scotland to leave the union.

"Leaving England out of the devolution settlement may create difficulties that need to be addressed particularly funding and the West Lothian question - but it may still be the best way of reflecting and respecting public opinion across the UK."
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