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Publish Date : Wednesday 29 February 2012 - 05:01
Kuwaiti delegation celebrates Mubarak’s innocence
Kuwaiti delegation celebrates Mubarak’s innocence
Islam Times - Dr. Faisal Al-Eintibi, Mubarak’s Kuwaiti lawyer, confirmed that Mubarak’s Kuwaiti defense team, with the presence of Mubarak’s sons, celebrated Mubarak’s innocence while carrying slogans that say “We are sorry”.
He added that the 2 hour celebration of the innocence, which will be announced on June 2, was held in public place that was not named and the audience presented the Kuwaiti delegation with symbolic gifts expressing their gratitude for their help that enabled Mubarak to be innocent. The lawyers considered the gifts to be a great honor.

The ceremony was attended by many of Mubarak’s supporters in Alexandria and Aswan who were invited by a member of the Egyptian Association to Defend Mubarak, Lawyer Hamdi Abdul Razak.
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