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A split in the opposition "National Council"

29 Feb 2012 - 5:07

Syria (Islam Times) – Prominent members of the opposition “Syrian National Council” formed an organization separate from the council and that due to what they said was “its inefficient method of work”. This is the first split in the ranks of the council that announced its establishment in Istanbul more than 3 months ago.

The split group issued a statement saying: Syria has had long and hard months since the formation of the Syrian National Council without satisfactory results and without being able to activate its executive offices or being able to adopt the demands of the rebels in Syria. It has become clear that the previous methods of implementation are not feasible and that is why we decided to form a National Work Group.

At least 20 secular and Islamic members of the 270 members of the council announced the formation of the Syrian National Action Group.

The statement clarified that it aims to promote integrated national effort to overthrow the regime by all means available including supporting the Free Army upon which the major burden falls in this stage.

This is the first split in the ranks of the "Syrian National Council", which has seen a recent dispute with another opposing group called the National Coordination Body and that after they signed an agreement that was later rejected by the council because it contradicts its political agenda and what was called the demands of the revolution.

Media sources said that the agreement aroused storms of protests in the Council due to its contents that rejected foreign military intervention which prompted some of the members of the Executive Office of the Council to freeze their membership.