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Saudi Arabia executes two Iraqi detainees

29 Feb 2012 - 5:08

Saudi Arabia (Islam Times) – Saudi Arabia carried out the death sentence against two Iraqi detainees from the province of Nasiriya.

Iraqi media quoted informed sources that Saudi Arabia executed the two Iraqi detainees Faiz Nasser Hashem Al-Badri and Imad Abdul Rida Al-Ghazi.
It is to be mentioned that the Iraqi Interior Ministry had announced that high-level security delegation had recently conducted talks in Saudi Arabia. It was clarified that the delegation held important meetings with Saudi officials on issues of Saudi detainees in Iraq, ways to improve the bilateral relations, and Iraq’s efforts to counter terrorism among other common issues. The Saudi detainees in Iraq are 113 individuals, 6 of whom are facing the death penalty, while the Iraqi detainees in Saudi Arabia are 138 individuals, 11 of whom are facing the death penalty.