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Publish Date : Wednesday 29 February 2012 - 05:32
Emir of Qatar Wants to Overthrow Prime Minister
Islam Times - According to sources close to the palace, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar would be planning to overthrow his prime minister and his foreign minister.
Prince Hamad bin Jassem apparently confided that he believed the Americans and the Emir of Qatar would be conspiring together to evict him from his position once the Syrian crisis would be over. Prince Hamad who insisted on becoming Qatar’ spokesperson in regards to Syria was met by a frosty silence from the Emir.

Prince Hamad has been extremely vocal in his condemnation of the Syrian, often calling on for a military intervention while his Highness preferred to remain silent, avoiding expressing his approval or opposition towards Hama bin Jassem’s policy.
The Emir would be however growing wary of his foreign minister’s inflammatory outings, seeking a more conciliatory approach with his Arab neighbors.

Since the Emir of Qatar made no mention of the Syrian case in his address to al-Jazeera channel in Paris, it is believed that Prince bin Jassem is directly targeted in this so called “conspiracy”.

Moreover, those close to the Foreign Minister revealed that in a meeting at the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar with the Israeli ambassador to Doha, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem suggested while discussing matters in Syria to pay up the people of Jerusalem a sum of $50 million while announcing his country’ support of the opposition in Syria.

Bin Jassem told the Israeli ambassador that such a move would help at asserting Qatar’s position in the region while giving those opposed to the Assad regime a real fighting chance in their struggle.

Sources quoted the Israeli ambassador responding by saying: “I remember exactly what happened to your Minister of Defense’s home when he too expressed his views?”

A few years ago the Defense minister’s home was hit by an American missile, leaving however no casualties. At the time al-Jazeera TV channel reported that the hit had been a mistake. Many within Qatar did suspect that the attack on the minister had been planned since Qatar has the largest U.S military base in the region.

The mention of the matter said sources constitutes a covert threat by the Israeli ambassador to Prince Jassem, further proving that indeed officials are seeking his departure from the foreign ministry.
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