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EDL thug banned from London mosques for attacks at EDL demos

29 Feb 2012 - 9:31

Islam Times - A member of far-right English Defense League, who attacked two men during anti-Muslim protest, has been ordered not to go near London mosques for five years.

EDL thug John McAndrew was detained for 14 months for his anti-social behavior after he threw large stones onto the A4 dual carriageway during EDL protest outside West London Magistrates Court last May. The next month, he again participated in another anti-Islam protest organized by EDL in Green Lane, Dagenham, and was identified as assaulting two men.

The 29-year-old man was given an Anti Social Behavior Order (Asbo), banning him from entering or loitering outside any mosques, Islamic prayer room, Islamic meeting room, Islamic school, Islamic cultural centre or Islamic festival site all over the British capital for five years.

The member of racist group also ordered not to take part in any protests arranged by the EDL in England and Wales for the rest of his life.

PC Mark Gellard, from the Barking and Dagenham Anti-Social Behavior Team, said that John McAndrew “is an individual whose often violent behavior is linked with his attendance at demonstrations and protests, particularly surrounding the English Defense League.

“This behavior affects those who live, work and frequent the areas where some of these demonstrations have taken place. I hope this Anti-Social Behavior Order sends a clear message that police will take robust action against those who break the law under the guise of protest.”