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Publish Date : Tuesday 13 March 2012 - 09:31
Hezbollah accuses US embassy in Beirut of espionage against Syria
Hezbollah accuses US embassy in Beirut of espionage against Syria
Islam Times - Hezbollah has accused the U.S. embassy in Lebanon of overseeing the infiltration, armament and operations against Syria.
Sheikh Qaouq also lashed out at the March 14th coalition saying that they are arming, financing and overseeing the attacks against Syria through the Lebanese Syrian border.

The March 14th denies such claims saying its activities in northern Lebanon is for humanitarian purposes to help the Syrian people who have taken refuge there.

Deputy head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council said pro-U.S. Arabs backed out of their slogans and plots against Syria and agreed with Russia on a new initiative.

Hezbollah has described the U.S. embassy in Lebanon as “a military operations room against Syria.” now, analysts believe that the US embassy does have a history of intelligence work aimed at Beirut and Damascus, and despite its recent claim to have refused to arm the Syrian opposition, it has been financing this group even before the unrest began in Syrian a year ago.

Former Lebanese Minister Michel Samaha told press TV that the visits of Michael G. Vickers, US under secretary of defense for intelligence to Beirut shows that the US embassy is in a war of espionage with Syria.

Since the unrest began percolating in Syria in mid-March last year, several reports have suggested that arms were being smuggled from Lebanon into Syria to support the opposition. Some Arab countries such as Qatar have called on the UN to send arms to the opposition groups.

However, the UN seems to be brokering a political solution, which could be backed by Russia, a main critic of US policies in the Middle East.
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