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Publish Date : Monday 19 March 2012 - 07:25
Sudan hosting intl. al-Quds day
Sudan hosting intl. al-Quds day
Islam Times - The Quds International Day is celebrated annually in support of the Palestinian issue and supporting the people of Palestine.
Last year the celebration was held in Sudan and the year before the celebration was in Lebanon, and next year the celebration will be in Iran.

The celebration consisted of books exhibition, videoed presentations and a symposium under the title (The Quds city between justice of law and Denunciations of people).

Chairman of the Secretary Board of the Quds International Foundation in Sudan, Dr Qotbi Al Mahdi, addressed the people during the symposium saying that the political differences among Arab countries on their relations with Israel have complicated the Quds issue.

Sudanese are known for their great support to the Palestinian issue. During this celebration Sudanese and Palestinian participants talked about how to awaken the Islamic and Arab morals in other Islamic and Arab countries.

The ceremony was attended by a large number of Sudanese from all walks of life.

People attending the ceremony are of the opinion that all Islamic countries need to cooperate and unite together to stop the Israeli aggressions against the Quds and Palestinians.
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