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Publish Date : Wednesday 21 March 2012 - 08:53
Negev Bedouins censure Israel’s ‘dangerous’ Praver plan
Negev Bedouins censure Israel’s ‘dangerous’ Praver plan
Islam Times - The Arab villagers residing in the Negev desert in southern Israel have censured a plan approved by the Tel Aviv regime to “displace” people from their land.
Bedouins of the village of Alsra in Negev criticized the Israeli plan they say will ultimately displace tens of thousands of villagers.

“There is enough room for everybody, but because of the Zionist mentality, they (Israelis) would like to reduce the geographical space of the Bedouins; to transform their life from being semi-nomadic Bedouins to urban people against their will,” an Alsra villager said.

Israel approved the Praver plan in September 2011, claiming it will address the problem of “unrecognized Bedouin villages” in Negev.

Human rights groups have also criticized the Israeli plan, saying it will seriously affect the Bedouin rights.

Another Alsra Bedouin told Press TV that plan is like a “daylight robbery.”

“We are facing home demolitions. We do not have any basic services; no schools, no clinics, no roads and no electricity.”

The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee, which represents Arab communities in Israel, said last year following the approval of the Praver plan that it was a “disaster” which would have “dangerous” consequences.

A female resident in the Bedouin village of Alsra said, “The danger that awaits us is the danger of displacement; a threat to our existence on this land. Where do we go? I hope the world hears our case.”

About 160,000 Bedouins currently live mainly in and around the Negev desert.
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