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Announcement of Saudi’s representing ambassador was surprising

5 Apr 2012 - 7:37

Riyadh (Islam Times) – In a surprise move that has surprised political and diplomatic circles, Saudi Arabia announced its ambassador in Egypt, Ahmed Qattan, to head its delegation at the Arab summit in Baghdad.

Informed sources revealed that "the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia named its ambassador in Egypt ‘Ahmed Qattan’ to head its delegation at the Arab summit in Baghdad next Thursday."

A diplomatic Iraqi source expressed its extreme annoyance to ‘Islam Times’, pointing out that Baghdad should similarly treat countries that do not respect the level of diplomatic representation, telling our correspondent that there are Arab states that do not want the summit to succeed.

Some political and diplomatic circles expressed their extreme surprise of this resolution, pointing out that this action demonstrates the unwillingness of Saudi Arabia to recognize the political process and changes that took place in Iraq after Saddam's regime.