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Samsung apologizes for the Advertisement of the Zionist propaganda against Iran

5 Apr 2012 - 7:42

South Korea (Islam Times) – President of 'Samsung Electronics' in South Korea, "Yoon Bo Keun", condemned the immoral Zionist advertising propaganda against Iran, which was prepared and broadcasted by a Zionist company by using goods manufactured by his company (Samsung).

During a meeting on Sunday with the Iranian Ambassador in South Korea “Ahmad Ma’soumi Far”, Samsung’s President "Yoon Bo Keun” presented a letter explaining the illegal and abusive actions by the Zionist company, explaining that the preparation and broadcast of the advertisements were by the Israeli TV Channel “H.O.T”, and took place without informing and consulting Samsung company.

He added that after being informed of this procedure, “Samsung” interfered immediately to strongly protest and cut off any commercial ties and cooperation with the Israeli company. “Samsung” warned the Zionist company and told them remove all videos published on the Web.
The President of the Samsung showed his respect to the culture and beliefs of the Iranian people and condemned any abuse addressed to them, assuring that such a thing will not happen again in the future.

For his part, Iranian Ambassador considered that the advertising propaganda done by the Zionist company was humanitarianly offensive to the Iranian culture and beliefs. He added that the Iranian public is still dissatisfied with this procedure, since this procedure was through the use of the name of the Korean company which should work on satisfying the Iranian public and preventing the recurrence of such things.