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Publish Date : Saturday 5 December 2009 - 05:01
Shaq's Twitter Treasure
With the help of Twitter, Cavs superstar Shaquille O'Neal rewarded one lucky fan with a great prize for winning a scavenger hunt.
O'Neal posted this Tweet on his Twitter account on Friday morning:

"Opps i dropped a signed sports illustrated n da west side market, findas keepas".

Just minutes later O'Neal dropped a hint as to where it was left. He posted another Tweet:

"Psst, wuz in da produce area. I thnk".

Alex Null of Cleveland was the lucky fan who found the magazine.

"Seeing that - I live about 30 feet from the Westside Market, I ran there as fast as possible," said Null.

Null says he was the first fan to arrive at the Westside Market. He thought the prize was hidden in the produce, but much to his surprise he found a man with a Cavs jersey and colored mask standing at the end of the aisle.

"I asked him is that the signed autographed copy? It was, so the Cavs Media team had me take a couple of pictures."

Shaq then posted a photo of Null with the magazine on his Twitter page for the world to see.

Null also sent Shaq a tweet saying thank you and wishing him luck with his game against the Bulls.

The Cavs fan says he will add the autographed Sports Illustrated Magazine to his sports collection.

"I'm definitely a bigger Shaq fan now."
Source : Fox News
Story Code: 16337