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Publish Date : Wednesday 4 July 2012 - 06:07
US forces' crimes spark anti-American sentiments in Afghanistan
US forces
Islam Times - Survivors of the massacre in Panjwai village! These men’s family members were killed by a U.S soldier on May 11th.
The killer was soon identified as Robert Bales. He walked off his base under cover of darkness, burst into homes and shot dead 17 local villagers.

Saeed Jan lost nearly all his family. Robert killed his wife, brother, cousin and a newly born grandson. Saeed says the U.S soldier kept hitting the head of his wife against the wall until she died. His grandson was shot in the chest.

He wishes he could save them.These men do not blame Robert Bales alone, but a group of American soldiers.

Mullah Baran is another victim of this attack. It was not one person who did this. Other U.S forces were guarding outside our homes during the shooting, Baran said.His brother was first killed and then burned.

For these people the memories of that night are still fresh.

Tears start coming to their eyes when they are asked how their dear ones were killed by Robert Bales and other American soldiers.

To calm these men, the U.S military has offered them a couple of thousand dollars. But in vain. All what they want is harsh punishment for the perpetrators.

Mullah Barran and other victims in this room warned to stage more anti U.S rallies if their demand is not met. It was one of the worst deliberate attacks on Afghans this year.But not the last one. Civilians here continue to be killed and wounded. Therefore the patience of Afghans is at an all time low. Abdul Baqi whose 3 children were wounded believes that US is his number one enemy.So it is too hard now for these men to at least cooperate with U.S forces in this fight.

And it is said to be a huge blow to NATO because it is no longer easy for them to win the hearts and minds of people, like these here.
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