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Publish Date : Tuesday 11 September 2012 - 07:33
Bahraini opposition holds the government responsible for terrorizing marches
Bahraini opposition holds the government responsible for terrorizing marches
Islam Times - Deputy Secretary-General of the National Democratic Action Society in Bahrain, Reda Al-Mousawi holds the government responsible for crimes against the people of Bahrain and its terrorizing of civilians.
Mousawi said in a statement to Radio "Sawa" on Sunday, "The march, which was dispersed by Security Forces, was licensed and legal", adding "Official rejected our march proposal 24 hours prior to the event, which in Bahrain is contrary to the law. A notification needs to be presented 48 hours before any public event or it is considered legal.”

Mousawi added that while the Opposition was calling on the implementation of social and political reforms, it was not enticing violence and more importantly was not as claimed by the regime, advocating the fall of Bahrain monarchy and or the deposition of the King.

The Bahraini Interior Ministry accused the Shiite political faction al-Wefaq of breaking the law, emphasizing that whatever abuse had been committed was al-Wefaq’s fault on the government.
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