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Publish Date : Sunday 7 February 2010 - 08:36
Syria reacts to Lieberman
Bashar al-Asad
Syria holds that the recent threats made by the Israeli Foreign Minister are in actuality Israel’s desire to start new wars in the Middle East.
By: Abu Abdullah al-Nakhli 

The Syrian speaker said: “Israel thought it could wage wars and not suffer the consequences – but it was wrong. It tested the patience of Syria and the Arab and Islamic nations – and it turned out that this patience has its limits. Israel is testing Syria’s determination to return its conquered land by all the legitimate means at its disposal.”

He continued: “The path to peace is open and its conditions are known, but the path of destruction can also open the moment Israel complies with the aggressive tendencies of leaders who have crime running in their veins and their way is the way of the mafia...Whichever path Israel chooses, it will find Syria prepared for either peace or war.”

Over the last week there has been a little bit of bickering between these two states. The first strike was dealt by the Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak when he stated that if the two countries do not reach a political agreement war will be inevitable.

Bashir al-Assad responded by stating that Israel is not really after peace and the Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid Muallem, stated: “Israel knows that if it declares war on Syria, such war will reach its cities as well.”

After this Lieberman issued a threat at the Bar-llan University in Ramat Gan which was responded to by what was mentioned above.

On another note, it is either political suavity or naivety that Lieberman said he was surprised at the negative reaction to his threats. He said: “I must say that I am always surprised anew. It needs to be understood that we are not looking for either confrontation or friction with Syria, but when the Syrian Foreign Minister says that they will attack population centers in Israel, that is crossing a red line.”

He was referring to the remarks made by Walid Muallem who was answering what the Israeli Defense Minister said a day earlier. I guess Lieberman’s memory does not go that far back – or he only wants to look at one side of the situation.

Source : Islam Times
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