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Publish Date : Tuesday 18 December 2012 - 09:34
West has Lured al-Qaeda into Syria to be killed: Nasrallah
West has Lured al-Qaeda into Syria to be killed: Nasrallah
Islam Times - Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Sunday the foreign-backed rebels in Syria will not be victorious.
Nasrallah said, “The situation in Syria is getting more complicated (but) anyone who thinks the armed opposition can settle the situation on the ground is very very very mistaken,” Reuters reported.

The West and some allied Arab countries have lured al-Qaeda-affiliated militants into Syria to be killed, he added.

“I warn al-Qaeda: the Americans and the European countries and Arab and Islamic countries have set a trap for you in Syria, and opened for you a battlefield so you come from across the world… to be killed and to kill each other…”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Nasrallah stated that the so-called “powerful” Zionist entity is finished forever due to its defeat in the last offensive against Gaza, Al-Manar reported.

During a graduation ceremony which was organized by Hezbollah’s Taabia’a Tarbawiya (Educational Youth Association of Hezbollah), Nasrallah said that through its boycott of parliament sessions, the March 14 group was giving Hezbollah two choices: either holding the 2013 election according to the 1960 law or not holding the election at all.

He advised the March 14 group not to continue in their “wrong calculations” by betting on the fall of the Syrian government and to sit down for dialogue to end the current crisis in Lebanon.

He noted that the crisis in Syria is becoming more complicated, saying the rejection of dialogue in Syria means the battle and the bloodshed” will continue.

Nasrallah also said he was very happy to that a March 14 delegation visited Gaza and expressed his support for the resistance in Gaza.
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