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Publish Date : Wednesday 14 April 2010 - 07:53
McDonald's discriminates against Muslims
(Islam Times) - A Muslim woman from Troy, Mich., filed a bias complaint Tuesday against McDonald's, saying she was denied a job at a restaurant in Rochester Hills, Mich., because of her religion and ethnicity.
Islam Times reports from DFP: A McDonald's official said the restaurant chain does not discriminate and has accommodated religious headwear. A manager at the restaurant, on Crooks Road, would not comment, referring questions to a public relations company.

Nasihah Barlaskar, 19, was born in the United States and wears an Islamic head scarf known as a hijab. She told the Detroit Free Press that during a job interview March 27, a female manager at McDonald's asked her about her nationality, which is illegal, according to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission.

She said the manager then asked if she had to wear "that thing" on her head.

Barlaskar said she replied: "I do. Is that a problem?" The manager then said, according to Barlaskar, that she "probably wouldn't be able to wear that" if she were working.

Barlaskar said she later was told she was not hired for the job.

Barlaskar filed the complaint with the commission, the U.S. agency that deals with job discrimination.

Joan Rachelson, director of operations for McDonald's Michigan Region, said in a statement provided by the public relations firm that the restaurant has a "strict policy prohibiting any form of discrimination." She said the allegations "are not consistent with our policies." Barlaskar said she filed the complaint because "if no one speaks up, this will continue to happen."
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That is not even a picture of Nasihah Barlaskar. Lame! (2661)