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Publish Date : Thursday 3 October 2013 - 07:42
Iran President Rouhani comments on US detente
Iran President Rouhani comments on US detente
Islam Times - Iran President Hassan Rouhani said at a press conference this Wednesday that Washington and Tehran relations still remain very tense despite recent progress. He insisted that while Iran is dedicated to peace the people should not expect to see decades of mistrust and tensions evaporate in a matter of days or even weeks.
President Rouhani explained that the 5 +1 meeting in New York had been an important positive step for Iran and will lead to further talks in Geneva.

"We will have to make concessions in order to prove that Iran has genuine and true intentions.

Great efforts will be required in order to carry through the voice of the Iranian people. I know that Iran understands that it must make the first step by initiating negotiations."
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