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Publish Date : Tuesday 3 August 2010 - 05:42
Islam Times Exclusive:
Five Missiles fired from Egypt into Israeli Settlements
Islam Times – Zionist settlers are terrified after hearing that missiles were fired from the Sinai Desert into Israel.
Islam Times reports that, according to Israeli military sources, 5 missiles were fired into the Eilat Port from Egypt. Two of these rockets landed in the ‘Uqbah Port of Jordan.
Haaretz reported that four people were injured as a result of these blasts. They added that one of the rockets landed close to the Eilat Port and caused financial loss.
Another media source announced that two rockets landed near a five-star hotel and caused four people serious injury. One of the injured is in serious condition.
Israeli officials are adamant about stating that these rockets were fired from the Sinai Desert. This infuriated Israeli citizens. But, Egyptian officials are denying that any rockets were fired from inside their country.
An Egyptian security official denied that the rockets were fired from the Sinai Desert. He said: “Firing rockets from the Sinai Desert demands strong logistical support and lengthy preparation while the desert is under constant surveillance.”
These rockets were fired at a time where Egyptian hatred for Israel is at an all time high.
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