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Publish Date : Tuesday 3 August 2010 - 06:02
President Ahmadinejad Invites Obama to TV Debate
Islam Times - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday said he is ready for a face-to-face debate with US President Barack Obama in a public meeting before the mass media when he attends the UN General Assembly later this year.
Islam Times reports from FNA: "I will travel to America late in Shahrivar (mid September) for the (UN) General Assembly meeting. Accordingly, I declare my invitation to Mr. Obama to accept to debate with me like two men in front of the media to determine who has a better solution for managing the world," Ahmadinejad told a gathering of Iranian expatriates here in Tehran on Monday.

President Ahmadinejad further stressed Iran's readiness for logical talks with the West, and stated, "We have always been a supporter of logic and dialogue. Iranians have never moved forward with (the help of) sword."

The Iranian president has also previously challenged Obama to hold a public debate with him on issues concerning the international community.

Ahmadinejad had also earlier urged a televised debate with former US president George Bush.

The White House has always kept silent over Ahmadinejad's invitations to US leaders for a televised and public debate.

The Iranian president wrote an 18-page letter to President Bush in 2006 that touched on religious values, history and international relations. The letter was viewed as an offer extended to the United States for dialogue.

However, the Iranian official's letter never received an answer from the former US president.
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