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Publish Date : Sunday 5 September 2010 - 06:58
, Translator : Aabid Waqar
Islam Times Exclusive:
Bahrain Prohibits Quds Day
Islam Times – The Bahraini government did not permit citizens of their country to participate in the International Quds Day march on Friday. They were not permitted to announce their support of the oppressed Palestinian nation.
Islam Times reports that the Bahraini committee which organizes the International Quds Day marches announced: “After tireless efforts with officials in the Bahraini government we were not able to receive the permission to hold the Quds Day march in support of the Palestinian nation.”
This committee emphasized that the people of Bahrain have been supportive of the Palestinian issue since 1923; they have always been connected to Jerusalem. It announced: “The prevention of the Quds Day march by government officials this year proved to be the first time that the Bahraini nation was separated from supporting the Palestinians.”
This committee requested that the people of Bahrain and the mosques show their support for the Palestinian people and for Quds in their various programs. It stated that the Bahraini people are supportive of the Palestinian nation and the Palestinian resistance and are in opposition to any form of normalization of ties with the Zionist regime.
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