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Publish Date : Wednesday 20 October 2010 - 05:17
Reporter : Jamshed Abbas
Islam Times Exclusive:
German Chancellor lashes out as Germans convert to Islam
Islam Times - German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s resentment at Islam’s fast rise throughout Europe was exposed when she lashed out at Muslims in Germany for not “integrating” and said that “multiculturalism” is dead.
Multiculturalism is the notion that everyone has the right to live their life as they see fit and people should welcome diverse cultures. Apparently, the German Chancellor no longer believes in tolerance and respect. In a speech last Sunday she said that “immigrants” needed to do more to integrate. This was an obvious reference to Muslims in Germany, whose communities resist the lascivious European culture while attracting Germans to Islam.

The German leader was forced to expose her hatred of Islam because German politicians feel that Germany and Europe at large are under threat from Islam. As the secular, materialistic, promiscuous and immoral societies of Europe disenchant educated Europeans who are turning to Islam, European leaders feel they have no choice but to attack and malign Muslims in order to obfuscate the reality of Islam.

Merkel’s resentment of Islam comes as no surprise given her ardent support for the Zionist regime. Under pro-Zionist Merkel, Germany has provided advanced nuclear capable submarines to the Zionist regime and freed a Mossad agent responsible for the assassination of Hamas member Mahmoud Al Mabhouh. Uri Brodsky was freed on "bail" and told he was free to travel even though he was a prime suspect in an assassination that contravened all international law. The Zionist Chancellor vowed that Germany would be “loyal” to the Zionist state in a visit there last year.

The conversion rate in Europe and North America has more than quadrupled since September 11th 2001. France’s population is almost quarter Muslim, Great Britain has a large Muslim population. People from all walks of life, especially young women continue to embrace Islam on a daily basis.

Famous British actress Myriam Francois-Cerrah's story is very similar to others converts in Europe and North America. A clue to the spike in conversions after September 11th is found in her conversion. She says that she was propelled to investigate Islam because she was confused by her Muslim friends who insisted on Islam while she was convinced by Zionist propaganda that it was an evil religion. "My intellectual curiosity was sparked as a result of the backlash against my Muslims friends after 9/11 when I, like most people, was convinced that Islam was responsible for this atrocity. I wanted to understand why my friends would remain part of such a faith." Cerrah said that when she studied the life of Prophet Muhammad (p), she felt transformed, calling him the most “misunderstood” figure in history.

The irony here is delicious: as Zionists intensify their efforts to malign Islam, people embrace Islam in greater numbers.
Source : Islam Times
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