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Publish Date : Thursday 3 February 2011 - 08:52
, Translator : Aabid Waqar
Islam Times Exclusive:
Hizbollah frees Resistance Fighters from Egyptian Prisons
Islam Times – Zionist sources report that Hizbollah commandoes freed Hamas and Islamic Brotherhood resistance fighters from Egyptian prisons.
Islam Times reports that Israeli publications emphasized that Hizbollah commandoes entered Egypt on Saturday and were able to free resistance fighters from Egyptian prisons. These sources stated that Hizbollah commandoes were aided by Hamas and some Egyptian activists. They entered Egypt from the Sudan-Egyptian border after the protests started.

These commandoes entered Egypt on Saturday and attacked the Natrun Prison, which is located 120 kilometers from Cairo. They freed a number of Hamas soldiers and leaders of the Islamic Brotherhood. The Egyptian government accused these resistance fighters of conducting missions in the Sinai Desert.

An official Israeli website stated that the freed resistance fighters who were Palestinian were able to return to Palestine through the Rafah Crossing.

Israeli sources also indicate that American forces have increased their presence in the Sinai Desert after the protests started. They are trying to control the region with their warplanes. Information sources state that after the Camp David Agreement in 1979, military forces, led by America, have been stationed in the Sinai Desert.

This Israeli source added that the presence of American led forces have increased since the start of the protests. The reason behind it is that America fears anti-Israeli measures will be taken while the protests are taking place.

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