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Publish Date : Monday 26 December 2016 - 11:19
US leads, Saudi Arabia Funds Terrorist in Syria: Iranian Commander
General Salami, Deputy Commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guards
General Salami, Deputy Commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guards
Islam Times - A Top Iranian commander said the US has led terrorists' war on Syria while Saudi Arabia financially supported them on the field.
Speaking on Iranian national television, General Salami, Deputy Commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guards said “during the Syrian crisis, the US did the strategic management, and Saudi Arabia was responsible for ideological excitements as well as financial and arms support”.
He also named Jordan and Turkey as countries that played a role in training and arming of militant and terrorist groups in Syria.
Referring to the recent liberation of Aleppo city from militant and terrorist groups by Syrian army, the commander called the liberation a “clear victory” and said “the US chose Syria as its entry point to the regional developments to topple Syrian government, and continue with its plan in Iraq and Lebanon and finally in Iran.”
“The US tried to get close to Iranian border as to spread the crisis into Iran but has failed so far,” he added.
Iranian general said Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israeli regime pursuit developments in Syria as part of their competition with Iran while the Israeli regime also pursuit Syria's disintegration, for its own peace of mind.
Salami also regarded liberation of Aleppo as an example of discredit of the US military power and said “the US military has lost its credit. It was the first time that they did not carry out their military threat against Syria.” 
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