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Publish Date : Tuesday 5 April 2011 - 10:47
Anti-US protest erupts in Philippines
Anti-US protest erupts in Philippines
Islam Times - Hundreds of protesters have gathered in front of the American embassy in Manila to denounce the US military's participation in war games in the Philippines
Islam Times reports from AP: Protesters from the left-wing League of Filipino Students scuffled with security guards and police in the Philippines capital of Manila on Tuesday.

A few demonstrators hurled plastic bags with yellow and blue paint at the embassy seal at the main entrance to the compound, the report added.

They say the United States is using the exercises to prepare itself for military operations in Libya and Afghanistan.

The protesters also called on NATO and Washington to end their ongoing war on crisis-hit Libya.

Around 3,000 American and 2,000 Filipino troops are taking part in ten days of exercises in the Philippines.

The protesters say the US military presence is an insult to the country's sovereignty.
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