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Publish Date : Saturday 8 July 2017 - 07:39
Anti-G20 Protests in Hamburg, Trump Attracts Most Hatred
Anti-G20 Protests in Hamburg, Trump Attracts Most Hatred
Islam Times - Anti-capitalist protesters have descended in the German city of Hamburg opposing the G20 summit with hatred mainly directed at US President Donald Trump.
Thousands of protesters from around Europe were pouring into the port city to join big demonstrations later. Police expected around 100,000 protesters in Hamburg, some 8,000 of whom are deemed by security forces to be ready to commit violence.

The peaceful protestors are opposing the July 7-8 summit of leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies, hosted by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Up to 20,000 police officers will be on duty to watch over the main demonstration, dubbed "Welcome to Hell" by the alliance of anti-capitalist groups who organized it.

Protesters say the G20 has failed to solve many of the issues threatening world peace, including climate change, worsening inequality and violent conflicts.

Zombies took to the streets of Hamburg, Germany on Tuesday night to make a statement about political participation ahead of this year’s G20 Summit.

Dressed in grey clothes and painted grey from head to toe, hundreds of left-wing activists marched silently on a main street before midnight on Tuesday in its first major protest ahead of the G20 meetings later in the week.

The annual G20 Summit is no stranger to protesters, but this year’s meetings will bring together several controversial leaders in the midst of growing political tensions on the world stage.

US President Donald Trump is the most despised among other leaders of G20 since he is viewed as the most disruptive and egotistical leader at the summit. Greenpeace environmental activists were also seen carrying banners reading “No Trump, Yes Paris" in reference to US president's opposition to the Paris Climate Change agreement.

German police are meanwhile investigating whether a fire at the Porsche Centre in Hamburg is linked with the G20 summit protests.
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