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Publish Date : Sunday 16 July 2017 - 05:01
Iran Slams Trump, Says US Source of Turmoil
Iran Slams Trump, Says US Source of Turmoil
Islam Times - The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman has criticized US President Donald Trump for calling Iran a “rogue” country, adding that Washington is the source of turmoil in the region.
Bahram Qassemi said on Saturday emphasized that the US president must also “seek [the reasons for] turmoil in his own selfish and anarchistic policies and measures and those of his self-willed, aggressive and occupying allies in the region.”

Speaking at a press conference in Paris on Thursday, Trump said new threats were emerging from "rogue” countries like North Korea, Iran and Syria and their supporters.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said the new US administration must “learn the lessons from the past and only speak to the Iranian nation with the language of respect.”

He added that the US president’s advisors look trapped in the past and are unaware of the realities on the ground, saying they are too far behind the developments in Iran, the region and the world.

He advised the Trump administration to take into consideration Iran’s positive, constructive and stabilizing role in the region and across the globe.
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