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Publish Date : Tuesday 17 May 2011 - 12:03
Sinn Féin opposes Queen's visit
Sinn Féin opposes Queen
Islam Times - Irish Republican Sinn Féin has opposed the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Ireland to convey a clear message to the world that the ruling of British monarchy in Ireland is not acceptable.
Islam Times reports from Press TV: They have established a campaign website, "British Queen Not Welcome", which is issuing anti-British propaganda to cancel the Queen's visit, as the visit is to symbolize the "normalization of British Rule in Ireland."

In a statement published on its campaign website, Kildare Republican Sinn Féin announced that they would resist the visit of the English Queen to the 26-County State and specifically the planned visit to the National Stud in Co Kildare.

"This visit is part of a carefully orchestrated campaign to normalize British rule and the enforced partition of Ireland. Irish Republicans will actively oppose this visit in order to send out the clear message that British rule and the partition of Ireland will never be either normal or acceptable,” the statement read.

“Kildare Republican Sinn Féin will play our part in this nationwide campaign and will take the lead in opposing this visit to Co Kildare.”

The republicans claimed that the head of the British State would never be welcomed in Ireland, since the British monarchy still occupies part of Ireland.

Consequently, they have urged all who believe in Ireland's "inalienable right to nationhood" to join the republicans in the protests in order to stress opposition to "this parade of pomp and imperialism."
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