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Publish Date : Sunday 21 August 2011 - 06:15
Zionists allowing the entrance of tanks of the Egyptian army into Sinai
Zionists allowing the entrance of tanks of the Egyptian army into Sinai
Jerusalem (Islam Times) - A Zionist security official stated on Sunday night, that the security forces of Zionism allowed to enter the additional troops from the Egyptian army to the northern Sinai at the end of last week, to impose security and extend of control over the region, against the backdrop of repeated attacks on the pipeline gas road between Egypt and the Zionist entity.
Islam Times: A correspondent for Islam Times in Jerusalem stated that the Zionist ‘Ha'aretz’ newspaper reported that more than one thousand Egyptian troops entered last Friday, on the back of tanks and tankers for the soldiers, to the Egyptian city of Arish and the area of Sheikh Zuwaid, in addition to the city of Rafah in Egypt. The aim was to control the situation in the region after a number of nomadic tribes have taken control on many Egyptian police stations in the region, in addition to the repeated bombings of the gas pipeline between Egypt and Israel, and the interruptions it caused on the arrival of full gas to the Zionist entity.

The newspaper pointed out that the Zionist security forces allowed Egyptian troops to enter northern Sinai region, opposing the Camp David treaty which prohibits any significant presence of Egyptian military in the northern Sinai region. The significant harm which the Zionist entity suffers because of the lack of security there made them turn a blind eye to all treaties, and demand of the Egyptian forces to enter those areas.
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