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Publish Date : Tuesday 23 August 2011 - 07:20
News about Gaddafi and his family fleeing across the desert
News about Gaddafi and his family fleeing across the desert
Libya (Islam Times) – The Lebanese channel “NBN” mentioned news on “the fleeing of the Libyan president Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and his family from Libya and expectations of the fall of the Libyan regime within hours."
Islam Times: A source from the Lebanese “Amal” movement leadership relayed information, which he described as precise, from a prominent official in the Libyan Transitional Council  that Gaddafi and his family fled from Libya, stressing that his end will be "tragic."

The television station, in other news, pointed out that other information confirmed to the “Amal” movement leadership "the fall of the Libyan regime within hours". Successive information transferred to the leadership of "Amal" entailed that Gaddafi had fled.

The armed Libyan opposition declared taking control of three strategic cities, most recently the oil city of Brega which fell on Saturday morning after fierce battles against forces loyal to the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafim, while the Libyan government denied these reports and confirmed that it has the "upper hand" in Zliten and Al-Zawiya.

Ahmad Bani, spokesman for the opposition forces, said that full control of the important oil industrial city of Brega was finally achieved in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The control of Brega is considered a significant victory for the opposition because it houses the second largest hydrocarbon compound, and serves as the main oil pipeline for refining oil.

The Associated Press news agency relayed reports that Mohamed Idris, a doctor at a hospital near Ajdabiya, said that "2 fighters the ranks of the opposition were killed in the fighting, and 15 others were wounded."
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