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Publish Date : Thursday 25 August 2011 - 05:11
Mofaz criticized the truce and 45% of the Zionists support the war on Gaza
Mofaz criticized the truce and 45% of the Zionists support the war on Gaza
Jerusalem (Islam Times) – On Tuesday, president of the Zionist Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Shaul Mofaz of the Kadima opposition party, criticized his occupying entity’s performance during the recent Zionist attacks on the Gaza Strip.
Islam Times: Islam Times correspondent in occupied Jerusalem reported that Mofaz said that "the occupying entity was unable to stop the insurgents who consumed the power of a million inhabitants.” He added that the Zionist entity is the one who requested a cease-fire, but described the temporary declared truce as a formality.
In another context, Mofaz felt that his entity erred by not expressing regret and apology for the killing of Egyptian police officers on the border immediately after the incident.
In the same context, an opinion poll conducted by the "Vanls" Institute for studies showed that 45% of the Zionist settlers support a ground operation against the Gaza Strip, as opposed to 38% of the Zionist settlers who expressed their disapproval of the Zionist army launching a military campaign against the Gaza Strip.

The poll, posted the Zionist seventh channel, showed that 86% of the Zionist settlers support the return of the Zionist entity to the policy of concentrated assassinations against leaders of Hamas, while 5% of voters oppose the idea.
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