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Publish Date : Sunday 4 September 2011 - 08:24
Yemeni opp. raps Saudi, US intervention
Yemeni opp. raps Saudi, US intervention
Islam Times - The Yemeni transitional council has condemned the intervention of Saudi Arabia and the United States in Yemen's internal affairs, saying such meddling only aims to suppress the ongoing Yemeni revolution.
Islam Times reports from Press TV: Yemenis have over the past few months rallied against Riyadh and Washington's interference, accusing them of making efforts to save the ailing regime of Saleh.

They also criticized Saudi Arabia's alliance with Yemen's embattled Ali Abdullah Saleh.

In response to the ongoing Saudi and US intervention, the key organizers of the anti-regime demonstrations in Yemen called for a massive nationwide protest on Sunday.

Protesters have declared in a statement that they will continue their daily protest rallies until Saleh's downfall.

Saleh and five other high-ranking officials fled to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment following a rocket attack on the Yemeni presidential palace in Sana'a on June 3.

Hundreds of thousands of people have turned out for regular demonstrations in Yemen's major cities since late January, calling for an end to corruption and unemployment and demanding Saleh's ouster.
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