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Publish Date : Sunday 18 September 2011 - 12:12
During his speech at the First International Conference of Islamic awakening
Sadiq Al-Mahdi: The Islamic nation is looking for a new dawn
Sadiq Al-Mahdi: The Islamic nation is looking for a new dawn
Tehran (Islam Times) - The leader of the Sudanese National Umma Party, Sadiq Al-Mahdi said in a speech to the first International Conference of the Islamic awakening in Tehran that the Islamic nation is facing major challenges which it cannot face alone, but must be addressed through unity.
Mahdi said that our nation is looking for a new dawn fueled by movements of innovators and thinkers who were able to restore to the nation the hope of a better future. He explained that the Islamic awakening has a role in securing the rights of the Islam peoples which is the liberation from the shackles of tradition, which held our thought and vitality and imposed limitations to our thought and enslaved many of us.

The leader of the Sudanese National Umma Party stressed that the rights of our people is represented by moral and material rights and can be summarized in five principles: dignity, freedom, justice, equality and peace. The material rights, he explained, is the fair development that address poverty and social injustice.

He added that these meanings are linked to our faith which is and will be able to achieve these meanings and give them spiritual, moral depth. From this point, we are witnessing different aspects of the expression of the achievement of these aspirations.

Mahdi said that the Islamic revolution in Iran was able to actually transfer the nation from recession and subordination to look for a better future to achieve these goals.

He added: Today we see that the revolutions in various Arab countries address the state of corruption, despotism and subservience that have enveloped the Arab nation. He added that the Arab people in all these movements are demanding dignity, liberation, and justice as well as other demands and that these demands will be achieved as long the people are able to break the barrier of fear and to assert themselves and their Islamic identity and to aspire for a promising and bright future.

The leader of the Sudanese National Umma Party clarified: "We are facing an Iranian, Turkish and Arab lifters and these three forces at this stage must address the historical struggles and get over them through the unity of the nation as we are now facing great challenges which we cannot confront individually".

Mahdi stressed that "there must be an Islamic unit which liberates the people and accomplishes their aspirations and physical and moral goals. It should unite to achieve this Islamic awakening through responding to the rights and aspirations of the Muslim people".

He expressed his hope that this conference will be a step forward which will enable all of us with our differences to respond to all the rights and aspirations of our people and to resume our historic role that had a glorious past and which had achieved a renaissance and a historical experience, through success and praying and hard work.
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