Thursday 19 October 2023 - 12:15

Displacing Palestinians ‘Act of War’: Jordan

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Displacing Palestinians ‘Act of War’: Jordan
The Hashemite kingdom is doing all it can to stop the ‘conflict’ but will treat any attempt to displace Palestinians as “a declaration of war,” Safadi vowed, as quoted by the Roya News outlet.

Amman will not allow “a new catastrophe” nor will it let ‘Israel’ “shift the crisis created and exacerbated by the occupation to neighboring countries,” he added.

Catastrophe, or ‘Nakba’, is how the Palestinians refer to their 1948 exodus from territories claimed by the Zionist regime. Jordan ended up annexing the West Bank while Egypt took control of Gaza, but ‘Israel’ seized both territories in 1967. Jordan signed a treaty with ‘Israel’ in 1994, establishing an “administrative boundary” between the kingdom and the West Bank, without prejudicing the territory’s future status.

Displacing the Palestinians from Gaza to another country would be a war crime, Safadi said, accusing the Zionist entity of already engaging in war crimes against the Palestinians there.

“There is no justification for what ‘Israel’ is doing in Gaza,” the Jordanian foreign minister said. “We demand for the war to be stopped, to allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza Strip and to protect civilians.”

Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government declared war on Gaza after October 7, when Palestinian Hamas resistance group launched hundreds of retaliatory rockets at the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories and sent fighters into nearby ‘Israeli’ settlements. Over 1,300 Zionists were killed in the operation, according to the Zionist regime.

‘Israel’ has since demanded that all civilians leave Gaza City and the northern part of the territory, in order to allow the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces to target Hamas. Palestinians in Gaza have said they have nowhere to go, as ‘Israel’ blockades them from the sea and Egypt has refused to open the border.

The government in Cairo has argued that admitting Palestinians would amount to helping ‘Israel’ engage in “ethnic cleansing,” in which they want no part. Egypt has offered to send humanitarian aid to Gaza, but ‘Israel’ has opposed that on grounds that some of it might end up in the hands of Hamas.

“All indications suggest that the worst is yet to come and that ‘Tel Aviv’ is heading towards a ground invasion,” Safadi said on Wednesday.