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Rumors of Iraqi Resistance Commanders' Assassination by American Drones Debunked

21 Nov 2023 20:58

Islam Times - Investigations into rumors that went viral on Tuesday morning about the assassination by a US drone strike of two leaders of the Iraqi resistance, Qais al-Khazali and Akram al-Kaabi, found them to be false.

There were rumors suggesting that American drones on Abu Ghraib Street in Baghdad targeted a vehicle, resulting in the martyrdom of one of Iraq's resistance commanders.

Some reports indicated the possibility of Qais al-Khazali being a target, while others named Akram al-Kaabi in connection with the alleged assassination attempt.

Inquiries by Tasnim news agency with various informed sources indicate that these rumors are unfounded, and fortunately, the resistance commanders have not been assassinated.

Certain sources assert that the targeted vehicle was unoccupied, with none of the resistance commanders present there at the time.

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