Thursday 23 November 2023 - 12:00

Yemeni Armed Forces Cruise Missiles Hit ‘Israeli’ Occupation Targets

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Yemeni Armed Forces Cruise Missiles Hit ‘Israeli’ Occupation Targets
"The rocketry force of the Yemeni Armed Forces...launched a batch of cruise missiles at various military targets of the ‘Israeli’ entity," the forces said in a statement on Wednesday.

The statement specified the target as "occupied Um al-Rashrash [Eilat], south of occupied Palestine."

"The Yemeni Armed Forces continue to carry out their military operations until the ‘Israeli’ aggression on the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank stops," it concluded.

The statement came amid an ongoing war that the Zionist regime has been waging against Gaza since October 7, which has so far claimed the lives of up to 14,532 Palestinians, including around 6,000 children. The regime has also intensified its attacks against the West Bank since the launch of the war.

The Yemeni forces have staged several operations against the occupied territories following the onset of the military campaign.

Most recently, the navy of the Yemeni Armed Forces seized an ‘Israeli’ ship and detained 52 people on board the vessel after issuing a warning that Yemeni military units would target all ships owned or operated by ‘Israeli’ companies or carrying the ‘Israeli’ flag that could cross the country’s territorial waters.

The information minister of Yemen's National Salvation Government likewise stressed in an interview with al-Mayadeen TV on Monday that all ‘Israeli’ ships passing through the Red Sea were "legitimate targets."

“We are dealing with a criminal enemy and it’s impossible for anyone who sees the massacres and the genocide [committed against Palestinians] to be neutral. So, we will target anything that belongs to that enemy,” Deifullah al-Shami said.