Tuesday 28 November 2023 - 09:40

Israel Grapples with Emergency Phone Services Disruption Amid Cyberattack Concerns

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Israel Grapples with Emergency Phone Services Disruption Amid Cyberattack Concerns
The disruption, acknowledged by the police, was attributed to an unspecified "temporary error," as reported by outlets like the Times of Israel, detailing a notable disruption in emergency phone numbers.

Amid this incident, speculation about a potential cyberattack emerged. The Jerusalem Post shared concerns over a cyber threat impacting vital services such as Magen David Adom (MDA), the Police, and the Fire Department. However, the Israeli media claimed that a proof of an actual cyberattack was not immediately established.

Hacktivist groups launched a series of cyberattacks targeting the regime’s infrastructure. Notably, websites such as the Jerusalem Post and transportation systems have fallen victim to disruptions and defacement. The backdrop of these cyber operations is the ongoing Israeli offensive in Gaza, resulting in a tragic toll of more than 15,000 Palestinians killed since October 7.

A particularly sophisticated hacking campaign, known as "WildCard," has garnered attention for its advanced tradecraft, indicating active development and evolution. This campaign is part of a broader trend of constant cyber operations directed at Israel, especially in response to the regime's atrocities in Gaza.

Various hacktivist groups, including AnonGhost and AnonymousSudan, have claimed responsibility for disruptions. These attacks range from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) incidents, active targeting of Israel's critical infrastructure and attempts to access critical infrastructure, such as water treatment facilities.