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Netanyahu Says War Will Resume Soon Despite Truce Extension

30 Nov 2023 10:00

Islam Times - Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated Wednesday that the war ‘to destroy’ Hamas will resume as soon as an ongoing process to secure the release of captives held in the Gaza Strip comes to an end.

His vow to continue the fight was echoed by the other two members of the war cabinet, War Minister Yoav Gallant and Minister Benny Gantz, as well as by ‘Israeli’ military Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, who all issued statements of readiness to immediately progress with the military campaign.

Meanwhile, with talks underway to potentially extend the current deal beyond Wednesday for another two or more days, an official from the Prime Minister’s Office said ‘Israel’ will push for all children and civilian women captives to be released through the current ceasefire deal before broadening negotiations to free adult male and soldier captives.

In a statement, Netanyahu claimed that destroying Hamas was still a prime objective along with returning captives to the ‘Israeli’-occupied Palestinian territories.

“There is no way we are not going back to fighting until the end,” he said. “This is my policy, the entire cabinet stands behind it, the entire government stands behind it, the soldiers stand behind it, the people stand behind it. This is exactly what we will do.”

Gallant held a “special situational assessment” Wednesday with the heads of the military, Mossad and Shin Bet on the efforts to return ‘Israelis’ held captives by Palestinians in Gaza, his office said.

Vowing that his occupying regime will give Hamas no quarter, war cabinet member Gantz said the war will continue until settlers of border settlements, evacuated in light of the fighting, “can safely return” to their settler units.

Meanwhile, army commander Halevi approved battle plans for after the ceasefire during a meeting at Southern Command headquarters in Beersheba, the military said.

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