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Report: 9k Women Killed in Gaza Since Onset of “Israeli” War

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Report: 9k Women Killed in Gaza Since Onset of “Israeli” War
In a press release on Friday, UN Women said women’s death toll is likely higher, warning that Gazan women continue to suffer the devastating impact of the occupying entity's genocidal war on the coastal area.

It is estimated that at the current rate of attacks against the defenseless people, the “Israeli” genocidal war on Gaza is killing each day an average of 63 innocent Palestinian women, of whom about half [37 women] are mothers.

The UN entity further said more than 4 out of 5 women [84 percent] report that their family eats half or less of the food they used to before the war began, with mothers and adult women being those tasked with sourcing food, yet “eating last, less, and least than everyone else.”

Eighty-four percent of the women in Gaza reported that at least one of their family members had to skip meals during the past week. Mothers were the ones forced to skip their meals in 95 percent of the cases.

The women’s group said Gaza’s entire population of 2.3 million people will be facing acute levels of food insecurity within weeks – the highest ever recorded as Gaza is on the verge of starvation.

It added that nearly 9 in 10 women [87 percent] of the Palestinian women reported finding it harder to access food than men, noting that some of the defenseless Palestinian women were now forced to search for food in dumpsters.

Ten out of 12 women’s organizations surveyed in Gaza by UN Women reported being only partially operational, providing essential emergency response and aid services through their extraordinary efforts. The women’s group emphasized that channeling funds to these organizations was crucial to meet the overwhelming needs of women and their families and communities, and to ensure that the voices of Gazan women did not go unheard.

“Unless there is an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, many more will die in the coming days and weeks. The killing, bombing, and destruction of essential infrastructure in Gaza must stop. Humanitarian aid must get into and across Gaza immediately,” UN Women reported in its press release.

On Thursday, the Zionist regime forces opened fire on a group awaiting food aid in Gaza City, killing more than 100 defenseless Palestinians and injuring nearly 700 more.

More than 30,000 Palestinians have been martyred since the “Israeli” entity launched the war on Gaza on October 7.