Saturday 2 March 2024 - 22:06

Failure of West's to Adhere to UN Resolution Issue: Lavrov

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Failure of West
Sergei Lavrov, speaking at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum in Turkey, highlighted that multipolarity is already a reality, citing that the economies of China and India are growing at record levels and utilizing modern technologies, Anadolu reported.

He stressed that China is viewed as a rival to the US, pointing out that Beijing has begun to voice concerns about unfair competition in the world, especially since it has started to hinder the operations of the World Trade Organization.

Lavrov underscored that while the UN Charter is a magnificent document, the West does not adhere to it and does not view Russia as a "respectable" country.

Regarding Israel's attacks on Palestine, Lavrov said the US "sabotages" decisions related to Palestine and a structure is being formed where Palestinians cannot gain autonomy.

He noted discussions about making Palestine a member of the UN. It looks "very nice from the outside, but the current situation does not change," he said.

He noted French President Emmanuel Macron's statement on sending troops to Ukraine, saying it admits that troops are being sent.  

Lavrov noted that due to the Russia-Ukraine war, there is a lynching against his country and that events are quickly forgotten, with no mention of them.

Regarding the US presidential election, Lavrov stated that Russia is ready to work with whomever the American people choose on an equal rights and fairness basis, emphasizing that the US wants everything but does not want to give anything in return. He stressed that Russia does not expect anything to change after the election.  

Regarding how Russia could take action on Gaza, Lavrov said it has been discussing the issues for many years and always encourages the parties to do something constructive.

He pointed out that there are entirely Zionist illegal settlers on the West Bank, emphasizing that no one accepts illegal settlements, including the US.

He noted that settlers have also started coming to the West Bank and Gaza as he criticized the Israeli regime's officials for not being flexible. He said the Palestinian issue cannot be resolved this way.

Lavrov highlighted that civilians are being killed in large numbers in Gaza and Russia has called for a cease-fire but the US vetoed the resolution at the UN Security Council.

The minister expressed that the US is trying to force Palestinians and Arab people into peace through the current situation, ensuring that Palestinians will not have any extra land.