Monday 4 March 2024 - 08:46

US Elections: Haley Wins Washington DC Primary

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US Elections: Haley Wins Washington DC Primary
“It’s not surprising that Republicans closest to Washington dysfunction are rejecting Donald Trump and all his chaos,” spokesperson for the Haley campaign, Olivia Perez-Cubas, said in a statement posted on X, personally noting that the former governor and UN ambassador became the first woman in history to win a Republican GOP primary.

In numbers, Haley won 63 percent of the GOP primary vote as opposed to the 33 percent for Trump. There were not many DC Republicans voting, with just over ballots cast, nevertheless the win awarded her the District's 19 delegates.

Trump’s campaign issued a mocking statement after Haley’s victory was announced, calling her “Queen of the Swamp by the lobbyists and DC insiders that want to protect the failed status quo.”

During a rally ahead of the primary in the US capital, Haley gave her usual speech to a crowd of a little over 100 supporters and listened to the attendees, one of whom called out Trump, “He cannot win a general election. It’s madness.”

Haley’s campaign repeatedly raised the argument that she stood a better chance of denying the incumbent US President Joe Biden a second term, at a greater polling number than Trump, due to her support from moderate and independent voters.

The latest Fox News’ poll showed that Haley defeated Biden by a much larger eight points, compared to Trump at just two points which remained within the margin of sampling error. Nevertheless, she would first need to become the Republican candidate.