Saturday 2 February 2013 - 08:23

Syria Military Chief: Mistaken Who Thinks He Can Test Our Capabilities

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Syria Military Chief: Mistaken Who Thinks He Can Test Our Capabilities
During a field visit General Ayyoub paid to a number of the armed forces units and formations, the army Chief of Staff asserted Damascus’ commitment “to our national and pan-Arab stances,: adding: “we are aware of the volume of challenges we face."
“Mistaken anyone who thinks that he can test our military capabilities,” General Ayyoub told the Syrian army units, in a real message to the Zionist entity, which launched an airstrike on a scientific research center on Wednesday, killing two people and injuring five others.
According to state news agency, SANA, Ayyoub said that the war with the Israeli enemy is continuous; indicating to there is a tight relation between the Zionist entity and its tools of the criminal gangs which practice the organized terrorism against the Syrian people.
Meanwhile, the Syrian Foreign Ministry sent a letter to the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council, calling on the council to issue a ‘clear condemnation’ of the recent Israeli airstrike.
Foreign Ministry urged the Council to issue a “clear condemnation of the flagrant Israeli attack on the territories of a sovereign state and the Israeli violation of the UN Charter, the international law, the Disengagement of Forces Agreement in 1974 and the relevant UNSC resolutions,” SANA reported on Thursday.