Monday 4 March 2013 - 06:28

Issawi: Hunger strike is my last remaining stone

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Issawi: Hunger strike is my last remaining stone
"Do not worry if my heart stops. I am still alive now and even after death, because Jerusalem runs through my veins. If I die, it is a victory; if we are liberated, it is a victory, because either way I have refused to surrender to the Israeli occupation, its tyranny and arrogance," he wrote in The Guardian.
"My health has deteriorated greatly, but I will continue my hunger strike until victory or martyrdom. This is my last remaining stone to throw at the tyrants and jailers in the face of the racist occupation that humiliates our people."
Issawi called on the British government to impose sanctions on Israel until it ends its occupation of Palestinian land, recognizes Palestinian rights and frees all political prisoners.
"Israel could not continue its oppression without the support of western governments," Issawi wrote, noting the historic responsibility of the UK "for the tragedy of my people."
Israel still uses British Mandate laws to oppress Palestinians, Issawi said, adding that British Mandate authorities sentenced his grandfather to death.
Israeli forces killed Issawi's 16-year-old brother in 1994 and have imprisoned four of his other brothers and his sister, Issawi said, as well as demolishing his brother's home and cutting off his mother's water and electricity.
"My family, along with the people of my beloved city Jerusalem, are continuously harassed and attacked, but they continue to defend Palestinian rights and prisoners."
Issawi was arrested on July 7 and accused of violating the terms of his release under a prisoner swap by leaving Jerusalem.
He has been on hunger strike since Aug. 1 to protest Israel' s violation of his amnesty and his illegal imprisonment.
Issawi was transferred from Ramle prison to the Kaplan Medical Center last week. His lawyer Jawad Bolous said he was hospitalized because his pulse dropped dangerously low.