Saturday 27 July 2013 - 09:28

French Security Report: Assad Will Remain in Power for Long Years

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French Security Report: Assad Will Remain in Power for Long Years
Assad can stay in power for long years because Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah professional fighters are backing him, according to the French report that was handed to the French president Francois Hollande at his request to evaluate and identify the French policy in the region for the coming stage.
The French report asserted that the fragmentation of the Syrian Opposition factions and militant groups strengthened the Syrian president and drove the western countries to halt arming the  opposition militants.
The report further stressed the sterility of the Western plan to arm the opposition militants without granting the extremists any access to the sent ammunition as al-Nusra Front fighters sequestrated a large quantity of the Arab and Western ammunitions, sent to the Free Syrian Army after clashes between the two parties.
In a related context, the Syrian Coalition delegation that met the French president Fracois Hollande announced that France had abandoned all its pledges and promises to arm the militant groups.
An opposing Syrian figure emphasized the complete failure of the Syrian Coalition to execute its main missions.
"The Coalition failed to carry out its main tasks which are obtaining weapons and eliminating al-Qaeda," he said.
The opposing figure revealed that the Coalition is facing financial problems since the countries that support the Syrian opposition started to fund specific opposing figures, instead of funding the decomposed Coalition whose members are competing for the financial gains.
A number of opposition Figures reported that al-Nusra Front fighters receive large financial support, while some militant groups are unable to pay the salaries of their gunmen.