Islam Times 9 Feb 2011 192011000000Wed, 09 Feb 2011 19:57:41 -0500 19:57 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Undeniable truth about 9/11 tragedy -------------------------------------------------- Islam Times - A veteran journalist, Michael Everyman, unveiled the undeniable truth about the tragic incident of September 11, 2001 that resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent people... Text : Islam Times reports from IRNA: Everyman in his article wrote about studying the 9/11 incident for several years through reading, watching and learning about it. He believes that he is not alone in theorizing the scenario of US involvement in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 by referring to famous people like Noam Chomsky and Bill Maher. Everyman noted that if the people find out the truth about the 9/11 attacks they would be utterly shocked and others would feel vindicated. He argues that if an independent commission deals with the incidents of 9/11, it will undeniably illustrate the involvement of the US government in the 9/11 tragedy. According to Everyman, the US government has obviously been colluding to keep the American and the world in the dark. Everyman argues that the credibility of the US governments is already targeted. 'Even though only a few no longer serving individuals may have originally been involved, it seems everyone currently in authority is at the very least distrustfully complicit,' he argues. He noted that right after the 9/11 everyone could be conceivably accused of something and the trials would take years or even decades. It was no wonder that GW Bush quietly installed the Continuity of Government plan during the six months immediately following 9/11. It is always better for us to seek the truth, no matter what the cost, as that is the only way towards a more positive, progressive, and enduring future. Only the truth will set you free, and whether enough influential others will ultimately agree in order to make a difference, only time will tell. He gives credit to the 9/11 perpetrators for coming up with the ultimate tool to get away with it which is simply blackmailing us with life as we know it. Everyman says with his suggestions he does not intend to be seen as a harbinger for doomsday. He feels sure a more skilled would-be Nostradamus could make some more accurate predictions. Either way, any prophet will agree that a post-911 future would suck big-time. Rather, in highlighting this seldom mentioned but strikingly obvious facet of 911 truth, Everyman wishes to point out that with the way things are currently arranged, the after effects of 911 truth will for many, many people be very, very bad. So bad that it would seriously undermine people s judgment, and would understandably result in the current situation of collective denial, especially in government, business, and media. If truth-seekers honestly want to establish a better world, they should begin openly considering and discussing some form of post-Truth contingency plan now, as not doing so would be reckless, irresponsible, uninviting, and (as we ve seen) downright scary.