Israeli Gaza strikes claim more lives

13 Feb 2012 13:35

Islam Times - Fresh Israeli air-raids on the Gaza strip continue to claim more Palestinian lives.

Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip have killed and elderly man and injured three others. The air raids targeted areas in northern central and southern Gaza.

The Hamas ministry of health called on the international community to help protect the civilians in Gaza.

The 69 year old man who was killed in the latest Israeli violence was working as a night guard east of Gaza city.
Israel alleges that it attacked the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire from the blockaded territory.

The fresh surge in attacks has prompted fears of more Israeli aggressions among the shell-shocked resident of Gaza who are still recovering from a devastating 22-day at the turn of 2009.
In addition to frequent Israeli attacks ,Palestinians in Gaza continue to live in what is known to be the world's biggest open-air prison.

Israel attacked Gaza for two days in a row while at the same time it maintains a land, air and sea blockade on the coastal enclave.

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