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Thousands of Americans living in tents as middle class suffers the American dream

17 Feb 2012 1:09

Reporter : Jamshed Abbas

Islam Times - There are many stories that are untold in America. One of them is the burgeoning number of tent cities like the one outside Detroit, Michigan...

Islam Times: Approximately 300 people live in the woods; literally. They have set up
tents and live in extreme cold with minimal hygiene available. Experts estimate that over 5000 people in the U.S. live in these tent cities, often with children. They have access to the most primitive sanitation and suffer from the cold and rain and other factors of living out in the opening for prolonged periods of time.

Many of these people were members of the middle class and amongst them are many that were previously relatively wealthy.
Authorities have responded by forcibly removing many of these tent cities, forcing families to live under bridges on highways and other places. The website AWL explains the case of Chattanooga, Tennessee, where a charity worker explained how city officials are adamant that these tent cities be out of sight. 'The city will not tolerate a tent city. That’s been made very clear to us. The camps have to be out of sight.'"

The rising homelessness and poverty in the U.S. is due to what is known as the "credit crunch" of 2007-2009. In it, banks and the federal government colluded to leverage sub-standard mortgages to the tune of trillions of dollars. The resulting housing bubble subsequently crashed, leaving millions of American mired in poverty and homeless, a testament to the complete and utter failure of the capitalist system.

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